Denomination: Grappa di Cabernet Franc
Growing Area: Passariando di Codroipo (UD)
Type of wine:
Grape variety: 100% Cabernet Franc
Soil type:
Vine training system:
Density of planting:
Yeld per hectare:
Maturation: in stainless steel vats
Indicative values: alcohol 45%
Colour: transparent
Aroma: intense, alcoolic and herbaceous
Flavour: typical, herbaceous, lightly aromatic with a scent of black and green pepper
Cork: natural cork
Serving temperature: 12° C
Serving suggestion:

The pomace arrives in distillery after racking and soft pressing and goes immediately in the alembic.

The distillery is totaly in cooper and inox. The distillation is carries on by artisanal distillation methods in order to preserve the aromas and the grappa is distilled for three times.

The grappa is produced with a strenght of about 70° and subsequently allowed to stand for about 6 months. Bottling is diluited with water source and filtered. Our distillate of Cabernet Franc is characteristic, with full body.

The aroma reveals intense herbal notes typical of Cabernet grapes, warmth and softness in the mouth and closes with a long persistence.

Our grappa is made for those who love natural straightforward products.