Passariano was the perfect choice for the noble Manin family to build a magnificent aristocratic summer residence. The area was chosen for its strategic position because the village, which is only 100 kilometres away from Venice, is at the very heart of a fertile and green region between the sea and the mountains, counting on easy access through direct roads leading to rich historical towns such as Udine, Pordenone, San Daniele and Palmanova, the famous fortress town – to guarantee defense – whose perimeter resembles the shape of a star. Today Passariano is ideally located for touristic purposes as the most important centers of the area are within easy reach. Among them we find:

VILLA MANIN ( 800 metres)
The majestic historical villa, dating back to the 17th century, is open all year long. The buildings and its astonishing gardens hold great events and fairs such as:

• Art shows, not to miss Gianbattista Tiepolo
• The park
• The permanent museum of carriages and weapons in the ancient stables (free of charge)
• The Manin chapel (free of charge)
• Concerts
• Various shows

An antique fair, including collectors selected merchandise and high quality vintage.
Dates: 9th April, 25th April, 1st May, 2nd June, 29th July, 30th September, 8th December, 26th December, 30th December 2012.

Within easy reach, at San Martino di Codroipo, in a colonnade at villa Kechler (once property of the Manin aristocrats) it is possible to visit a museum which includes:

• Ancient carriages dating back to XIX-XX centuries
• Ancient toys dating back to XIX-XX centuries coming from various parts of the world
• Holy paraments from Umbria dating back to XVII and XVIII centuries.

CYCLING TRACKS (800 metres)
From 1st May to 31st September, a few meters from Villa Manin, you will find bicycles to rent at the Pro Loco offices in Passariano. The town of Codroipo and the nearby villages can count on well maintained and large cycling tracks through parks, villas and villages.

PALMANOVA (28 kilometres)
Town fortress that has the shape of a star, built from the Venice Republic in 1593 as a defense against ottoman raids.

UDINE (25 kilometres)
Considered the historical capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia, it was residence of the Patriarchi d’Aquileia (1222) and under Venice (1420) became the 5th town of the republic. Not to miss the Prelate Palace, Piazza della Libertà with the typically venetian Loggia del Lionello, and the castle.


PORDEONONE (25 kilometres)
Town with long elegant arcades accommodating refined shops and tea and coffee rooms. The small roads are full of typical restaurants. The town is rich with palaces with paintings and frescos. Points of interests: the palazzo del Comune with its gothic architecture.

The small town is known as one of the pearls of Friuli Venezia Giulia, internationally acclaimed for the production of smoked trout and especially San Daniele ham, with its remarkable taste resulting from a millennial tradition and a unique microclimate.

CIVIDALE (45 kilometres)
The town, founded by Giulio Cesare with the name of Forum Iulii, which was subsequently used to call the whole region, became the longobard capital of Friuli. Of relevance the small Longobard temple, the Celtic hypogeal, the mediaeval house, the devil point and the Palazzo dei provveditori veneti (potremmo mettere se vi piace the palace of the Venetian educators o lasciarlo in italiano)

AQUILEIA (45 kilometres)
Founded by romans in 181 B.C., it was capital of the 10th Augustea region and 3rd town of the Roman Empire completely destroyed in 452 A.C. by Attila, king of the Huns. Aquileia has an archeological area of major relevance included in Unesco World Heritage Sites. We suggest to visit: the archeological museum, the roman ruins, the port, the cathedral with the widest roman paving dating back to the IV century and representing the old testament.

LIGNANO SABBIADORO (38 kilometres)
One of the most popular and renowned seaside towns in the Adriatic Sea, it is an oasis of relax and a stimulating place for those who want to have fun. Situated between Venice and Trieste it offers a variety of shops, restaurants, bars and an sandy beach 8 kilometres long.